Associated Valuation Services, Inc.
Coronavirus-COVID-19 Message

Dear AVS Valued Clients,


First and foremost, we hope this finds you, your family, friends and colleagues safe and healthy and adapting as best you can in these extraordinary and somewhat stressful times.


In our lifetimes none of us have dealt with or experienced anything of this magnitude. As I observe others in this same situation some things start to come to light. One is that in the largest part of the world's population we have all come together to unite and battle this virus. More closely as an American I am so inspired and proud of Americans by the kind acts and unselfishness of the people on the "front lines" fighting this disease, putting themselves at risk to serve and help protect other Americans. Just the sacrifice they are willing to put forth and give is truly a grit that makes us all so proud and grateful of these heroes.


Existing within these extraordinary times dealing with the Coronavirus-COVID-19 closures and "Shelter In Place", "Social Distancing" orders we want to communicate with you and let you know AVS, Associate Valuation Services, Inc., is open for business and working as normal with of course the exception of any onsite visits to our clients locations.


All AVS employees are now and have been for weeks working from home as most if not all of you. We are doing everything in our power to keep our employees safe and healthy. In some rare cases we have had the need to go to our office to keep the important business needs of our clients in our focus while maintaining safe and healthy environment. We know our clients are also in difficult situations with work, family and friends and we want to support you all as you support us with your business. Without our customers and clients what are we to become? Thank you so much for your support!


The COVID-19 contagion has caused another contagion, the Contagion of Hope and Caring. As time has progressed through this it's very clear of how we are all connected needing support from each other and the support growing and developing into a unity that is so important we truly are "All In This Together" and we all support each other bringing us closer and with more understanding of that need and importance of it. We will overcome this through the vigilance of unselfishness support of hope and caring. We are here for you, please call on us so we may help you and in return we can support others who support others and so on.


In closing, please be safe and stay vigilant of sanitizing and washing hands as much as possible.


Please reach out to AVS for help and we are here to meet your business needs.


Sincerely from proud and inspired Americans and grateful and thankful business owner I express to you for all AVS employees' thanks, hope and caring.


Burton Wiltz
Associated Valuation Services, Inc.
Office 209-543-8245