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Fixed Asset Inventory Audit

AVS is experienced providing fixed and capital asset inventory audit reporting. We can identify your inventory based on your specific needs, giving you the information you need to become reporting compliant.

Our asset auditors work together with you to identify and track assets.

A detailed fixed asset inventory audit will provide many benefits to our clients in tracking assets and detailed reporting. Our trained personnel will perform a complete on-site inventory audit of all your assets, electronically verifying and physically labeling with bar codes. Bar coding your inventory helps future maintenance and tracking of the asset inventory. This information is then reported to your organization in various reporting formats. The reports bring the audit results to our clients who can use them for necessary decisions related directly to their own organization.

By providing you with tracking methods and advising on best practices, AVS is able to help with the overwhelming tasks associated with compliance issues regarding assets organization.

Once your information is gathered, we offer our WITS (Web Interface Tracking System) program to help you maintain and keep your inventory current.

AVS also will convert existing data into the WITS service, where you and your staff can maintain your own information online. It is ready for processing future asset/property transactions by your already trained staff. Furthermore it brings all the wanted and necessary reports right to your fingertips.

Click here to see additional information regarding WITS or call us today at 888-404-1997 for a demonstration of the powerful maintenance tool!


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