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AVS has the reputation of delivering to our client's valuation and appraisal services with accurate, detailed information. Our expert staff of appraisers will review and analyze your organizations' property information. This information is verified against industry standards to determine replacement costs and depreciation values using current building cost data and methodologies.

Property Valuations Advantages:

  • Assists management against the risk of undervalued replacement cost new valuations
  • Eliminates over valuing of replacement cost new values resulting in a major financial savings
  • Serves as proof of ownership loss in various cases
  • Provides the client with a strong defensible legal position with comprehensive detailed reports
  • Verifies and substantiates physical assets
  • Assists Risk Management in determining total replacement cost new values

Valuation reports provide a detailed record of the property defined by locations, structures and buildings. Our reporting is a comprehensive description of each structure and building with detailed information. The data can be also entered into our WITS-V service, allowing the client to implement additions and changes online as they occur. We can also provide annual value recapitulation updates as part of our services.

Our valuation reports are easy to read and understand. AVS helps you maintain this information through recapitulation reports and our WITS-V (Web Interface Tracking System- Valuations) service.

AVS performs onsite visits to verify your structures. After gathering sufficient information, our appraisers determine accurate values of structures and buildings. We then report the results to you, providing appropriate values in the most cost efficient way.

This service can help your organization update property information to keep it current. By using our powerful online service (WITS-V ), the provided added benefits help your organization maintain and update your own information, saving time and money.

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